About me and this blog (contact details)

This blog is all about macro-finance interactions: the links between what is going on in the “real world” of output, inflation and central banks and financial market developments.  In the latter I’ve got a bias to FX (my research background) but also have expertise on bond and equity markets. My aim is to use my broad mix of skills and experience to generate interesting insights on key issues facing the global macroeconomy and financial markets.

My background is nearly 20 years at the Bank of England followed by time at Credit Suisse as an FX strategist (director).

My Bank of England experience covered a wide range of macro and financial sectors, writing top publications like the Inflation Report, undertaking academic research (econometric bias), doing presentations to MPC on money and credit and financial markets, managing teams of economists and representing the BoE at interesting places like the Jackson Hole Symposium and the NBER Summer Institute.  I also wrote the ‘official’ BoE view on why the pound fell so sharply during the global financial crisis (and the implications for monetary policy) and a piece on the various causes of the financial crisis itself.

My role as an FX strategist at Credit Suisse involved writing weekly reports on G10 FX developments, writing joint notes with the economists and fixed income strategists, having regular interactions with the full range of clients and enjoying the buzz of liasing with the trading and sales desks.

I’m currently looking for my next challenge, so please get in touch if you are aware of interesting roles. My email address is mark.s.astley@gmail.com and you can also find me on twitter (@astleyeconomics) and on linkedin (Mark Astley)

I hope you find the posts useful, feel free to reach out (politely) if you do. Of course, I assert my copyright over the arguments contained within them.

Mark Astley


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